Meg Navin

Principal, Commercial Practice Executive Director


When you work with Meg, be ready to suspend any perceived barriers, doubts or challenges you deem in your way.

No really, be ready. Because that’s how Meg thinks, acts and leads each day. She is a tireless advocate for her clients and teammates. She does not let past precedent, siloed thinking or minutiae deter them. She challenges, she embraces provocation, she detests the status quo. “What is the best possible future we can imagine?” she’ll ask. “Then let’s get there, no matter what it takes.”

This approach has worked her entire career as she’s helped Fortune 500 companies across essentially every industry implement significant real estate and workplace strategies that positively impact their business objectives. She is widely recognized for her thought leadership in these spaces, too, speaking nationally and authoring pieces for Fast Company, Entrepreneur,, Fortune and beyond.

A few clients and collaborators

  • The leading businesses of our time
  • Change agents and big thinkers who refuse to be deterred
  • Those who embrace boundless possibilities


  • Refusing to let clients be stopped in their pursuit of brighter futures
  • Transforming challenges into opportunities
  • Building and leading diverse teams to unleash innovation


  • Incredibly proud mother of two
  • The culinary world: cooking, dining, wine-ing
  • Traveling to mountains, beaches and every beautiful vista in between