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Michael Tunkey, AIA


(716) 260-9064
I love that great design can respond to requirements in a way that seems simple and natural. I worked abroad and know that, from Buffalo to Kathmandu, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t enjoy a quiet room with a sunny view.

Michael Tunkey, AIA, is a leading advocate for design as a resource to unite and strengthen cities. Having led corporate mixed-use, education, civic and healthcare design projects across the world, Michael brings diverse, multi-cultural experience and perspective to the developers and organizations with which he partners. He understands the value of engaging all stakeholders and focuses on the positive impact design can have for individuals, communities and organizations, ultimately guiding teams to deliver exceptional design results that achieve results for developers and users. Well versed in every phase of the design process, Michael is always encouraging designers and clients to pursue signature design solutions that enrich our civic environments.