Strategies to manage caregiver burnout, stress, fatigue and turnover

Boston Children's Hale Building

Jan Gao and Adam McKillop

February 1, 2023

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Blue Cottage of CannonDesign’s Jann Gao and Adam McKillop have co-authored an article for ISE Magazine about managing healthcare worker burnout, stress, fatigue and turnover.

The article draws attention to the unprecedented change the healthcare ecosystem faced amid COVID-19, and the higher stress levels, burnout, fatigue, dissatisfaction and turnover that resulted. It also draws attention to the unique opportunities that exist for leaders to facilitate positive change effectively while maintaining the wellness of the entire ecosystem. Jann and Adam co-authored this article with Jeff Bean, Shay Bergmann, Bethlyn Gerard, Wyatt Hockmeyer, Matt Vogl and Colin West. 


  • “This is our call to action toward a future where change leaders in healthcare prioritize care team needs over methodologies, stress is owned and regulated, care team experience and performance are optimized, and proactive career pathways are offered to high-burnout roles.”