St. Vincent Health Sciences Center

A building designed for tomorrow’s unimagined healthcare needs

St Johns University Health Sciences Center 5

St. John’s University
Queens, New York, United States
70,000 square feet
In progress

St. John’s University is on a bold and dynamic mission to meet the soaring demand for highly skilled healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, across the globe. In response to this pressing need, the university is embarking on an ambitious expansion of its health programs, aimed at equipping students with unparalleled knowledge, practical expertise and the confidence to excel in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Central to this endeavor is the construction of a state-of-the-art facility that will bring together all current and future health sciences programs under one roof. This visionary building will house a new nursing program, alongside cutting-edge resources and technologies designed to empower students to influence positive change in health outcomes.

St Johns University Health Sciences Center 6
Strategically situated between the residential and academic centers of the St. John’s campus, the building will serve as a vibrant mediator, seamlessly connecting both realms.
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St Johns University Health Sciences Center 15

An architectural mediator

Embracing its role as an architectural bridge, the building will gracefully blend into the academic heart of the campus, complementing the grandeur of iconic buildings like the neighboring St. Augustine and St. John Hall. However, as it faces the residential precinct, it will adopt a more dynamic and captivating character, drawing people in with its sculptural elegance and vibrant hues.

At the very core of the building's design lies a significant multistory common space—an academic hub that will pulsate with life and energy. Serving as the vibrant heart of the program, this sunlit "living room" will become a natural catalyst for planned and serendipitous interactions between students and faculty. The welcoming atrium, bathed in sunlight, will beckon visitors as they enter from the Great Lawn, while plazas and terraces will seamlessly merge with the campus walkway system, inviting exploration and forging a strong sense of community.

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St Johns University Health Sciences Center 8

The building is designed to train future generations of caregivers not just for today’s conditions, but for tomorrow’s unimagined needs.

Leading-edge learning

Pushing the boundaries of learning environments, the facility will boast cutting-edge, adaptive spaces that cater to diverse teaching and learning styles. The rooms will offer endless possibilities for customization, ensuring a truly tailored educational experience. From structural elements to mechanical systems, every aspect of the building has been meticulously designed for flexibility, allowing for the seamless reprogramming of spaces to meet evolving educational needs.

St Johns University Health Sciences Center 7
The building's design promotes interprofessional education among existing academic programs and will enable students to learn together and work as a team, similar to the real-world situation found in any clinical setting.

Sustainability in action

The building will embody a holistic and scalable approach to environmental responsibility, aligning seamlessly with both campus and New York City sustainability initiatives. It will take a decisive stand in energy conservation and carbon reduction, exemplified by its geothermal heating and cooling system, comprising an impressive network of 66 wells drilled deep beneath the ground.

Advanced technology will seamlessly control lighting, space occupancy, and temperature, ensuring optimal resource usage. The roof will house a vast array of solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to significantly reduce the building's energy consumption and establishing it as a beacon of eco-consciousness on campus. Furthermore, the incorporation of high-performance, energy-efficient windows and strategically placed skylights will maximize natural light utilization, leading to a substantial 22 percent reduction in lighting energy during daylight hours.

St Johns University Health Sciences Center 6

Set to open in 2024, the new health sciences center will be a future-forward symbol of progress, innovation and dedication to excellence in healthcare education. It represents a dynamic convergence of cutting-edge technology, sustainable design and a nurturing atmosphere that will inspire the next generation of healthcare providers to provide the compassionate, equitable and evidence-based care our communities need most.