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Education Architecture


Transformative learning methodologies, environments and business models are changing how we educate tomorrow’s global citizens. Our practice uses our resources, imagination and leadership to engage our clients across the entire educational spectrum and shape creative solutions for the most complex educational challenges of our time.

The ability to make a difference energizes our teams. We are inspired by the potential to work with our clients and make a positive impact on the world.

Brad Lukanic, AIA, LEED
Executive Director, Education

This evolving educational landscape addresses new learning prototypes and technological advances, business model changes with alternative funding streams, demographic shifts of the traditional student toward serving the needs of a more diverse learning populations, and maximizing space utilization within a highly sustainable environment.

Discovering innovative strategies

To meet these unique challenges is our mission. Our integrated team of designers, planners and thought leaders shape learning through our strong culture of collaboration and client partnerships. These experts encourage student curiosity, intellectual growth, and creativity in young students through the creation of flexible and interactive learning environments for local school districts.


With our higher education partners, we can realize targeted outcomes for academics, student life, athletics, recruitment, retention, physical asset management, medical schools, and science facilities through our integrated, multi-disciplinary approach.

We advocate re-establishing education’s role as a partner in the global knowledge economy, with innovation, incubation, and inspiring design.

Education Expertise:

Higher education


Together, we create design solutions to the greatest challenges facing our clients and society.