Inspiring our people to always achieve more

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Our maxims are the everyday behaviors we live by, inspiring our teammates to do the best work of their lives. Regardless of role or work, everyone at CannonDesign is empowered to bring these maxims to life in everything they do.

Go there. Explore the unknown. Go beyond assumptions. Take a new route if you’d like, but go there.
Hunger for enduring solutions. Produce equitable ideas that benefit everyone in the long term. A hunger for enduring solutions will strengthen everything we touch and solve for tomorrow’s complex challenges.
Lead with optimism. Seeing the positive will lead you toward solutions and away from doubt. Optimism is the reason you don’t back down when challenges get real. Lead with optimism and show others how to get comfortable in the gray areas.
Experiment. Make it your business to know where to take risks, bringing rigor to your curiosity. Don’t wait until it’s perfect to share an idea or solution. Be bold. Experiment.
Uncover beauty. Beauty is the essence of an elegant solution. Whether you’re creating a spreadsheet or a skyscraper, everything we do should exhibit craft and attention to detail. See it? Embrace your ability to uncover beauty.
Share. Share your experience. Teach your expertise. Get out of the bubble and bring others along for the ride. Share without boundaries across disciplines, projects and offices to strengthen our culture and business.
Forge bold connections. Look up. Look out. Look beyond your own perspectives—even if that means you have to knock on doors to find them. Embrace inclusion. Deliberately seek out diverse viewpoints and create intersections that make the work better.
Be meticulous. Every action is important. No deliverable is insignificant. You’re the thread of continuity from one successful moment to the next. Be meticulous, owning the end result, no matter where you come into the process.
Do good. Do right. Your work touches the continuum of life. With Living-Centered Design we can improve all aspects of that continuum, from the immediate moment to the ecological impact. Soulful work elevates everyone’s experience—and your own.