CannonDesign signs 1.5°C COP26 Communiqué to support climate action

Climate Change

October 6, 2021

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We are a proud co-signatory of the 1.5°C COP26 Communiqué, an announcement echoing our profession’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions in our work and fully decarbonizing by 2040, all to help reduce global warming and negative climate impacts.

The Communiqué was released today by Architecture 2030 to all government leaders, making clear our industry’s commitment to planning, constructing and developing the built environment through means that help us slash carbon emissions. The announcement unequivocally encourages our global leaders to do what is necessary to help achieve the Paris Agreement climate targets and more. It is further supported by an editorial in The Hill authored by the leaders of Architecture 2030 and the American Institute of Architects.


  • If our planet is to remain habitable for immediate next generations and into the future, we must design, build, live and act differently. Climate change is not some future challenge. It is upon us and we have already caused some level of irreparable damage. But there is still time to change course. We need bold leaders, significant action and change now.

    Eric Corey Freed CannonDesign's Director of Sustainability

CannonDesign proudly advocates for climate action and works to lead our industry as we help organizations reduce emissions, slash operating costs and create healthier spaces for the planet and people to flourish.

“We have all the tools we need,” added Eric. “We can design net zero solutions today. If we think even bigger, we can design net positive solutions today. We can create better buildings and spaces that are cheaper to operate and maintain as well as provide tangible benefits for the occupants. We need to unleash these tools to their fullest capability. Any less moving forward is to not heed the evidence in front of us.

In totality, more than 60 design firms spanning architecture, engineering, landscape, planning and construction, collectively responsible for more than $300 billion in annual construction, have signed the COP26 Communiqué.