Felix Kabo named Research Fellow at the University of Michigan’s Zell Lurie Institute

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felix kabo

February 23, 2024

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Dr. Felix Kabo, Director of Research at CannonDesign, was recently named a Research Fellow at the University of Michigan's Samuel Zell & Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies.

The Zell Lurie Institute is dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of entrepreneurship and innovation through many initiatives, spanning programs, competitions, educational endeavors, symposiums, and global outreach efforts. Serving as a vital resource for University of Michigan students and alumni, the Institute empowers individuals diving into entrepreneurship, venture capital, and corporate innovation careers. 

In his role as a Research Fellow, Felix will harness the extensive resources available through the Zell Lurie Institute and the U-M Ross School of Business to collaborate with faculty and staff. Those within the institute utilize globally renowned research and managerial expertise across various industries and sectors of the economy to address pivotal strategic, organizational, and operational challenges. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Felix to our team,” said Stewart Thornhill, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Zell Lurie Institute. “He will no doubt contribute greatly to our vision and mission to empower entrepreneurs at the University of Michigan and beyond.” 

With his current role at CannonDesign where he merges research with practical applications, Felix brings invaluable insights and expertise to the Zell Lurie Institute. Collaborating closely with faculty and staff across the University of Michigan, Felix will actively identify and present opportunities for joint research endeavors aligned with the Living-Centered Design ethos of CannonDesign and the broader academic community. 

“CannonDesign has a unique entrepreneurial culture that allows us to operate at the intersection of design and innovation to create bold, impactful solutions for our clients, stakeholders, and the planet,” said Felix. “The Research Fellowship is an incredibly exciting and unprecedented opportunity to work with world-leading experts at the Zell Lurie Institute and U-M Ross to accelerate and amplify how we integrate research to achieve next-level impact, such as how we can better implement hypothesis-driven design and Living-Centered Design.”