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May 1, 2024

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We are proud to share that Interior Design magazine has published an in-depth feature on the LinkedIn Toronto HQ workplace. Titled, "Savor Connectivity + Nature at LinkedIn's Toronto HQ," the article is now available online and printed in their latest issue.

The project proved a remarkable opportunity to design a workplace at a pivotal moment (in the heart of a global pandemic) in one of the most important multicultural global cities. The result is a stunning space that pays homage to its home city while establishing a bold vision for the future of work. 

An ecosystem of connections, the workspace is designed to be exceptionally adaptable and nimble to empower different teams, technologies and work styles long into the future. Communal spaces — lounges, cafes, meeting rooms, amenity zones — all surround a sculptural internal stair and reference iconic pieces of Toronto’s urban fabric like The Junction, the Distillery District, Roy Thompson Hall and more.

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Aurora Borealis, a mural created by local artist Jeannie Phan, faces the cafeteria’s name rendered as a giant cross-stitch wall embroidery using parachute cable.

Meg Navin, the executive director of our commercial market, and Dylan Coonrad, our company's creative director, are quoted throughout the piece.

Meg points to how the project went on pause at one point due to the COVID pandemic and then highlights that the workplace puts a premium on "collaboration spaces, team rooms, places where people can come together...evidence that we were able to adjust a bit with the future of work changing so rapidly right in front of us."

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The family tree graphic in this group work area is a wonderful backdrop to formal team meetings and impromptu connections throughout the day.

Dylan speaks more the incredibly vibrant environmental graphics and local art that fill the workplace. Inspired by the “cultural mosaic” that is Toronto, the graphics explore connections, overlaps and differences that strengthen the city.

"We produced 104 individual graphics over the phased construction period,” Dylan shares. “Normally, that would be a red flag—why would anyone want so many?—but, for the client, it’s an outward gesture toward the employees, a sign of how much the company wants them to thrive and feel included in the workplace.” 

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Our environmental graphics team made two dozen unique graphics for small conference rooms and work areas, each celebrating local Toronto fauna with clever nods to LinkedIn's brand infused.
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The environmental graphics that fill LinkedIn’s Toronto workplace are intentional, creative and thought-provoking. From all different lenses, they vibrantly encourage staff to dream big and unleash creativity.

To amplify the environmental graphics program, our team worked with LinkedIn to select local artists for key pieces in the workplace. Toronto illustrator Jeannie Phan created a large-scale mural that highlights a Canadian natural wonder for each of the three floors that depict Niagara Falls, the Aurora Borealis and Dino National Park, respectively. At the same time, local artist Amritraj Gupta contributes a dozen prints that highlight unique cultural elements from neighborhoods across Toronto.