Introducing our 2023 Sustainability Impact Report

Sustainability Impact Report

January 30, 2024

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The imperative of sustainability and the preservation of our planet has reached an unprecedented level of urgency. That’s why we’re releasing our inaugural Sustainability Impact Report. Not as a self-congratulatory gesture to celebrate our achievements, but to amplify our commitment to leading change even as we fully acknowledge the formidable challenges that lie ahead.

Within the pages of this report, you’ll delve into a multitude of initiatives we’ve undertaken to reduce our ecological footprint. Drawing inspiration from the comprehensive approach of ESG reports, we address not only environmental sustainability but also delve into the broader realms of social responsibility and governance within our organization.

This report transparently showcases our progress toward achieving our Planet 2100 ambition and also highlights specific areas that demand heightened focus. We're actively cultivating new partnerships, directing resources toward research and embracing emerging technologies, all geared towards amplifying our positive impact.

We appreciate your interest and support in our sustainability efforts. This report is an annual endeavor, so we hope you’ll follow along each year to track our progress and learn about our ever-growing commitments to our planet.