The Creative Factor profiles CEO Brad Lukanic

Brad Lukanic, CEO of CannonDesign headshot

February 5, 2024

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We're excited to share The Creative Factor has published a Q+A featuring our CEO Brad Lukanic. The Creative Factor is an online medium that shares the stories of innovators, visionary thinkers and trailblazers shaping our collective future.

In the piece, Brad shares insight on his daily routines, how he works to maximize creativity in his schedule and life, his mantra and why LEGO should call him.

It's an insightful look at how our CEO structures his schedule as, "Lukanic and team are reimagining and reshaping some of the more important buildings that make up the fabric of society, including medical facilities, research labs, university centers, and school buildings. Recent design projects include the new Mayo Clinic facility in Minnesota, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab Building in Maryland, and a mass-timber building for climate solution research at the California Institute of Technology."


  • There is no playbook...that's my mantra. Yes, there are best practices, lessons learned, and theories tested. But past precedent will only get you so far. That is what I have learned as CEO of CannonDesign. It rings true in big and small moments alike.

    Brad Lukanic CEO
  • The new directions we want to take our design firm, the decisions we are going to make, they belong to us and the present. That frees people up to really take agency and ownership in the direction of our creative business. It excites the clients we work with across health, education, science, workplace and beyond. If there is no playbook, then we write the rules; we author the future.

    Brad Lukanic CEO
Brad Lukanic at a visioning session at CannonDesign's Chicago office

The Creative Factor regularly profiles leading creatives from across different industries to share deeper looks at their process. Here's a few other excerpts from Brad's profile where he speaks about how he tries to organize each day:

I really do believe the first 60 to 90 minutes in the morning can set a precedent for each day, which is important for me because my job is unpredictable. Travel, calls, meetings with internal teams or clients — I must be adaptable. Given that our firm now has 18 global offices and clients all over the world, I also spend a great deal of time in Ubers, airports, and planes.
I also invest as much time as I can in learning, reading, and networking through groups like the Fast Company Impact Council and the CNBC CEO Council. CannonDesign helps the leading health systems, colleges and universities, research institutions and businesses chart exciting new futures; I need to be plugged into the trends, ideas and people shaping the future.