David Polzin discusses creativity and innovation cultures with Imagine a place podcast

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January 23, 2024

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We are thrilled to share our Executive Director of Design David Polzin recently joined the dynamic Imagine a place podcast to share insight on how organizations can foster creative and innovation cultures across their organization.

In the episode, David recognizes the inherent tension between structure and creativity in organizations that can make it more difficult to spark innovation. But, David suggests that embracing risk and failure, while continuously iterating on ideas, can overcome the barriers this tension creates.


  • Creativity thrives on entropy. It thrives on basically that which is unpredictable. To create something new requires a certain degree of dynamic environment. And, I think over time large design firms have a natural tendency to pursue repeatable success. That's important, but yet we know that true creativity is always one off, always unique, always bespoke to a given challenge.

    David Polzin Executive Director, Design

At CannonDesign, David proved central to shaping our Living-Centered Design ethos while championing our firm's creative culture and leading the firm's internal (and soon to be external) design discussion series: Flourish.

He also leads signature, award-winning projects for clients including Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Kansas Health, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Missouri State University, University of Cincinnati Health, and Medical College of Wisconsin among numerous others.

David Polzin