We understand the importance of treating
the whole child—by considering all physical,
mental and social factors and environments.

Our philosophy

So much of our future depends on the health and well-being of our children.

While pediatric healthcare has never been better, children are also facing unprecedented challenges as they grow. As a leader in healthcare environments for children, our team has planned and designed more pediatric hospitals and healing facilities in the past decade than any other firm in North America. With an unmatched level of expertise in pediatric healthcare design, our diverse portfolio incorporates a range of solutions all aimed at giving babies, children and families a healthy foundation for a lifetime of wellness.

Due to the increase in pediatric health problems—including the rise of chronic illnesses, life-threatening diseases, complex medical conditions, and mental health crises—many children remain in need or underserved. We approach each project as an opportunity to provide all children with the chance to lead a well-nurtured life, ultimately contributing to truly healthy communities and futures. Our team of Pediatrics experts are dedicated to creating sophisticated environments that never lose their most important element—giving kids the opportunity to be kids.

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