Kevin Nyhoff

Design Principal


We should all do what makes us joyful. And, that’s why Kevin works in design. The shapes and buildings, yes. But nothing brings Kevin more joy than working with young designers and creative clients. It’s what inspires Kevin as our San Diego design principal. He brings extensive and invaluable experience to our firm thanks to 28+ years in the design profession, including a decade he spent co-leading his own firm.

Since joining our firm in 2021, Kevin has driven impactful work and strengthened our collaboration across CannonDesign’s California offices as they elevate design excellence. He has also helped our new internal initiative called One California, which forms a deeper communication throughout our California offices and ensures everyone is aligned on key business goals. This initiative has helped strengthen design leadership across California and our entire firm. 

A few clients and collaborators

  • Nexcore
  • California State University Long Beach
  • San Bernardino Valley College
  • All those who love design


  • Being an architectural generalist and applying his skills and experiences to any typology 
  • Uncovering unseen opportunity in organizations, people and moments
  • Never sacrificing architectural beauty


  • Staying connected to his Canadian roots
  • Discovering and listening to great new music
  • Spending time by the water and the outdoors skiing and hiking