Melissa Wright

Texas Business Development Leader


Melissa is a people person in every sense and thrives on meeting people and helping them achieve their goals. She loves making people shine, whether it's connecting them with other like-minded people or pulling together a rock star team to deliver to a new client. She also enjoys giving back to others through ministry services, volunteer efforts and attending meaningful events. If it involves people and creating relationships, she is all in.

As Business Development Leader for our Texas Region, Melissa’s role is to open doors, create relationships, understand clients and help build teams to support our Owner's needs. It perfectly fits with her personality and unique background and skills. She doesn’t let challenges drain her perspective or hope—she offers focus, stays diligent and makes it happen.

Personally, when she is not in a full-on sprint keeping up with her husband, three kids and dog, she likes to find “me” time and host get-togethers with family and friends. A people person through and through, she never gets enough. 

A few clients and collaborators

  • Texas State University System
  • Harris Health System
  • UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Expert In

  • Forging meaningful human connections
  • Building teams to seize opportunities and empower others
  • Showing courage by saying yes to the right opportunities and knowing to say no to the wrong ones

Feels proud of

  • 25-year marriage to her high school sweetheart
  • Three amazing kids and their school/sports/church activities 
  • Loving hometown sports—baseball, basketball, football