Nadine Quirmbach

Interior Design
Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign


Remain ever curious. This ethos drives Nadine and her remarkably thoughtful design work. Studying human behavior, environmental trends, biophilia, human wellness and beyond, Nadine is profoundly adept at creating interior spaces that blend harmoniously with architectural expression.

Sustainability and human wellness are inherent in her work and she is boldly focused on workplaces that evolve and empower human experiences. With an incredible acumen for detail, Nadine never leaves a moment to chance. If there is an opportunity to make a project stronger, to inspire people just a touch more, Nadine will find it. She is ever-curious, ever-designing for people to thrive.

Clients and collaborators 

  • Most creative businesses of our time
  • Organizations forging bold new futures
  • Teams excited to explore the unknown

Passions and Expertise

  • Creating indelible, inspiring spaces
  • Setting new precedents and paradigms
  • Mentoring the designers of tomorrow


  • A proud green thumb
  • New people, new places, new experiences
  • Cherishing the human experience