Rush Oak Brook Surgery Center

World-class orthopedic care in the suburbs

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Midwest Orthopaedics and Rush University Medical Center
Oak Brook, Illinois, United States
100,000 square feet
LEED Gold Certified

As surgeries get refined and technology creates new levels of efficiency, recovery and rehab times have improved for patients of all ages. Most orthopedic procedures are now done in outpatient facilities, with subsequent physical therapies and re-trainings done in the same space to get someone back to their usual life as soon as possible.

The Rush Oak Brook Surgery Center was designed to accommodate the increase in outpatient orthopedic care needs in the Chicagoland suburbs, offering everything from minimally invasive surgery to physical and occupational therapy and a sports performance center. The building unites clinicians from Rush University Medical Center, a leading academic medical center in the Chicago metropolitan market, and from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, a private academic physician group. This gives suburbanites access to top-notch academic medicine without having to travel into the city or unnecessarily spend time in an inpatient setting.

Rush Two
The facade features zinc metal panels that catch the light as one moves from south to north.

Merging two brands into a single building

Key to the success of the project was creating a space that allowed each entity’s brand to shine without one overshadowing the other. This was done by housing each organization on its own branded floor within the building—each designed to support their distinct care delivery models. Even though the exterior features Rush signage, it was designed to create a shared identity that captured the essence of both brands. This was done by embracing clean lines, featuring reflective zinc panels, and using extensive glazing that allowed the branding found in the interiors to be seen from outside.

Rush Oak Brook
Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush occupies the first floor.
Rush Six
Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush occupies the first floor.
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Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush occupies the first floor.
Rush Oak Brook
Bright pops of color line the public areas, and although the colors vary by floor, consistent design elements like wood, artwork and dramatic lighting fixtures tie the interiors seamlessly together.
Rush Eight V
The second floor houses primary care and sub-specialty clinics for Rush University Medical Center.
Rush Ten
The Rush Tech Bar, similar to the Apple Genius Bar, is where patients can learn about home-health devices and how to use the Rush mobile app.

In addition to housing orthopedic services, the building includes primary care and 20 different sub-specialties all aimed at making healthcare more collaborative and accessible. All of this happens within a contemporary facility that seamlessly merges the brand identities of the two organizations it houses–creating a shared identity fueled by delivering world-class care. Flexibility is built into the infrastructure with a universal grid structural system that maximizes adaptability and hastens responses to changing demands for various service lines. 

In the last decade, the greatest expense increase was in the number of knee and hip surgeries across all age segments. (Source: BCBS)

Taking advantage of its central location, the Rush Oak Brook Surgery Center also offers adult primary care services, dermatology, neurology, ear, nose, and throat, and more than a dozen other specialties to expand access to care as the population in the western Chicago suburbs grows. It also aims to help patients take control of their own recovery and health at home—an interactive home-health tech area helps people learn to properly use consumer health devices like smart watches, smart scales, blood pressure cuffs, blood sugar trackers and more.

Rush Four
A sports performance center helps athletes not only rehab, but explore ways to prevent injury.
Rush Five
Physical and occupational therapy spaces are plentiful for those recovering from surgery or rehabbing an injury.