Brad Lukanic discusses innovation culture on UIDP podcast

Brad Lukanic, CEO of CannonDesign headshot

May 16, 2024

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Our CEO, Brad Lukanic, joined the UIDP Conversations podcast to share insight on how innovation drives the power of design and fosters community within our workplace culture.

In this episode, hosted by UIDP's Sandy Mau, Brad shares insight on the role of innovative design in solving some of the biggest challenges in the ever-changing world around us.

He speaks specifically about CannonDesign's avenues of fostering innovation not only in our work, but also within our firm's culture. Delving into projects ignited and advanced through our internal innovation channels, AMP and Spark, he describes the process and importance of ushering ideas from ideation to impact.

CannonDesign's first children's book, Designing Dreams: An Official Deja the Dynamo Adventure, was an idea generated through AMP. Brad discusses this project as an example of how an established process and structure for nurturing innovation can lead to unprecedented outcomes.

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