Workplace Strategy

You spend more than a third
of your life at work. Our strategy
services help make the most of it.

Our philosophy

Let’s create workplaces that become destinations for incredible.

That’s our stance every time we meet with an organization ready to transform their spaces and strategies: Let’s partner to create incredible experiences, performance and futures. We find purpose in diving deep into a company’s culture to understand its people, goals, hopes and motivations and then shaping a solution that empowers excellence.

With deep understanding around the future of work, proprietary analytics, empathetic design, LEAN processes, company culture and finance, our team builds strategies that help companies act now, adapt as necessary and reach new heights. Through strategic workplace solutions, we ignite cultures of energy, discovery and vitality, laying the foundation for longstanding business success.

Our approach
Generating Insight

Simply generating mountains of data is not enough. Informed by years of experience, our proprietary processes and research efforts help us gather the right data to drive decision making among business stakeholders.

Research and Strategy

Our workplace strategy is aligned with workplace innovation. Our strategies build not just on insights about our clients gleaned through research, but also lessons learned and best practices stemming from our extensive experience. This combination leads to more creative–as well as practical–space solutions.

Measurable Results

From the outset, our team identifies and prioritizes business objectives–from cost savings to productivity to culture–and we work with leaders throughout the organization to define those priorities in terms of measurable behaviors, attitudes and perceptions in terms of space and operational metrics. We use this framework to continuously evaluate and compare scenarios, providing accountability and strengthening decision making. These measurable outcomes become the basis for maximizing value over the long term.

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Chris Lambert
Meg Osman
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