Emily Stampanato, NCIDQ, IIDA, LEED AP



There’s opportunity here. Let’s unleash it.

That’s Emily’s ethos in life and work. She’s a remarkable catalyst for positive change in strategy, design solutions and people. She sparks possibilities where others simply don’t even see them. She thrives exploring the unknown. There’s something here. This can be incredible. Let’s make this real.

Working across business development, marketing and design, Emily is an invaluable leader in our commercial practice. She is unbounded by limits and constraints, instead choosing to push every project and teammate she encounters to reach new heights. She is also deeply invested in her communities—both civic and professional—always ready to lead toward positive change.

A few clients and collaborators

  • Commercial change agents
  • Business leaders and visionaries
  • Upwork
  • IIDA
  • City of Hope


  • Pursuing the most creative and innovative ideas and projects
  • Pleasantly helping others step outside their comfort zones
  • Leading the design industry toward positive change


  • Lake life, boating, fishing, swimming
  • Restored 100-year-old home
  • Proud Purdue Boilermaker alum