Eric Corey Freed, RA, LFA, LEED Fellow, EcoDistricts AP

Principal, Sustainability Director

Eric Corey-Freed

Eric gets into “good trouble” a lot these days. That’s because he’s not afraid to speak up against traditional ways of designing and building. The built environment is one of the largest contributors of carbon dioxide emissions in the world. He’s fixated on changing that.

Since joining CannonDesign, Eric has fundamentally shifted our approach to sustainability—moving us toward a future where regenerative and restorative buildings become the standard. Whether facilitating client workshops about carbon-smart design or rallying crowds of thousands around the need for a circular economy, his message is the same: we have the tools needed to slow and even reverse the impacts of climate change—but we must act now.

A few clients

  • Caltech
  • Cortex Innovation District
  • Long Beach Unified School District
  • University of Chicago Medical Center


  • Net positive design and sustainable urban development
  • The circular economy and its ability to eliminate waste and resource depletion
  • Helping organizations create, achieve and enhance their environmental social governance (ESG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR)


  • Authored 12 books on sustainable building design and has lectured in all 50 states and seven countries
  • Contributed to the design of more than 40 LEED and net zero projects—and consulted on hundreds more
  • Climbed the Pyramids