Our Culture

Our Culture

Life at CannonDesign

On the surface, we’re architects, planners, engineers, strategists and industry specialists spanning hundreds of disciplines. But at our core, we’re makers, artists, techies, inventors, data geeks, thrill seekers, and loud voices in our industry’s booming creative culture. We wholeheartedly believe design can make the world a better place — not only a more beautiful place, but a more equitable, sustainable and inspiring place.

As an employer, we encourage diversity of thought and rally behind innovative ideas. We build teams of people invested in one another, which builds intense camaraderie. And we surround ourselves with the types of people who can inspire our clients and communities to think beyond the known and embrace the power of design.

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Have you checked out PRISM? It’s a new publication that tells our firm’s story through the lens of our people. The publication draws attention to 10 CannonDesigners bringing our company’s Vision and Purpose to life and contributing to our firm’s culture in inspiring ways.

Here’s a look at a few elements of our culture we’re most proud of:


Character is often defined as the way one acts when nobody is looking. At CannonDesign, our character is what dictates our decisions, drives our relationships with clients, and determines how we operate as a firm and as individuals. Our people aren’t only the best at what they do — they’re humble, personable, ambitious and forward-thinking, and above all else, they act with integrity and honesty.


True collaboration doesn’t result from a sign on the wall or an open office floorplan — it’s what happens when you bring together the right people to solve a problem or build the future in the most innovative way possible. Our teams are geographically diverse but united in vision. They harness unique perspectives and close collaboration to create solutions that help our clients’ organizations thrive.


We are committed to our clients, to each other, to design excellence, and to our planet’s future. That means we like to finish what we start, we hold ourselves accountable, and we measure our efforts in terms of client outcomes and success. We pride ourselves on creating solutions that are sustainable and well-designed, and we value the process it takes to get there.


Giving back is part of our DNA. Through our Open Hand Studio, we provide pro bono design services to those who would otherwise lack access to them. We recognize the power of design to benefit public good and continually seek out opportunities in our local communities to make an impact that goes far beyond the walls of our firm.


Our work is grounded in relentless curiosity about the built environment. It fuels the way we approach a problem, whether through the lens of an analyst, designer, strategist, marketer, or anything in between. It inspires the questions of “what if?” and “why not?” which keep us moving forward. Our endless pursuit of new questions and different answers makes us better designers — and better people.

NEXT Council

NEXT Council is a group of dynamic, multi-faceted employees that collaborates closely with firm leadership. Together, council members act as a catalyst for our practice’s evolution ― a think tank for innovation, improvement and growth. By advancing ideas and innovations from frontline designers to the firm’s top levels, they advocate for the next generation of CannonDesign. They also advise our firm’s leadership on actionable solutions, innovations and services that help differentiate CannonDesign as a leading design practice. Learn more.