Suzanne Lefebvre

Interior Design


Thoughtful interior design stems from an empathetic and holistic design approach. That’s the core of Suzanne’s work as our interior design discipline leader. She creates transformative spaces that emerge from evaluating the novel environments and people of each community and organization with which she works. Successful interior design is understanding the cause and effect each design decision can have on human experience and well-being.

Based in our Buffalo office, Suzanne enjoys leading her team in translating client brands, goals and visions into progressive and responsive spaces. Through her excellent visual awareness and spatial design skills, she is able to communicate ideas through technical drawing, graphic details and materials. For Suzanne, it’s about listening, perseverance, patience and ultimately creating something holistically beautiful.

Some Clients and Collaborators

  • Syracuse University
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Future-focused organizations


  • Color theory
  • Embracing all forms of design, from theatrical design to textile and graphic design
  • Planning and designing the interior space in relation to the exterior 


  • Teaching design at Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Shaping the first interior design curriculum for the National ACE Mentor Program 
  • Creating modern abstract and illustrative quilts
  • Infusing different passions and interests in her design solutions