A day in the life of a CannonDesign Health Marketing Manager

  • November 7, 2016
  • Author: CannonDesign

Katherine Czarnecki is the marketing manager for our healthcare practice. Learn about her day-to-day responsibilities and why she decided to choose a career in marketing.

What it’s like working in the CannonDesign Legal Department

  • September 7, 2016
  • Author: CannonDesign

Jaime Ervin helps our firm navigate the legal complexities that come with practicing design on a global scale. Learn about her passion for law and her role at CannonDesign. What led you to pursue a career in law? I wanted to be a lawyer from the time I was a teenager. Law, at its heart, is a helping profession, and I have always had a passion for logic and advocacy. I believed that through a legal career, I could make positive contributions to my community, and I think I accomplish that at CannonDesign. How long have you worked at CannonDesign?  A little over three years. What is your role? My role…

A day in the life of a CannonDesign Senior Finance Manager

  • July 7, 2016
  • Author: Terri Swiatek

Michael Potts is a numbers guy, ensuring our business runs smoothly from a financial perspective. Learn about his career path and the fast-paced field of finance. What led you to pursue a career in accounting? I always excelled in math and took an accounting course in high school. Initially, I was going to pursue a career in either education or criminal justice, but I decided on accounting and received my bachelor’s degree at Niagara University. I didn’t initially like basic accounting and my first job was for a property management firm. My role was assisting the vice president of operations with refinancing all of the commercial properties they owned and…

From Intern to Leader: Meet Michael Reilly

  • April 22, 2015
  • Author: Carla Rivera

Driven by a passion for building systems and energy-efficient design, Mike Reilly has turned internship opportunities at CannonDesign into a career as a key leader of the firm’s mechanical engineering group. Based in CannonDesign’s New York City office, Mike’s successful design solutions today stem from the valuable internship experience he gained while a student at Penn State University. Given Mike’s success story from intern to leader, we sat down with Mike to gain further insight into his experiences at CannonDesign. Life as a CannonDesign Intern Q: Are there memories or people who stand out from your internship experiences with CannonDesign? MR: Definitely. I was lucky in that I quickly established…

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