Kristy Venrick Discusses "The Next Normal" at Laboratory Design Conference 2021

A leader in our Science & Technology Practice, Kristy Venrick kicked off the 2021 Laboratory Design Conference as a panelist for the first discussion, “The Next Normal: The Pandemic’s Long-Term Influence on Lab Design.”

Kristy and her fellow panelists provided key insights, lessons learned and best practices they have experienced during the pandemic.

An excerpt from the panel discussion is below:

“The pandemic has prompted organizations to rapidly adapt to new behaviors, often short-term consequences that were sudden and perhaps severe. Now as we move to the Next Normal, what might be the lasting impact of these decisions on future laboratory facilities, and will changes made to existing facilities in response to the pandemic remain long-term? A panel of key stakeholders discuss their experiences and responses to the pandemic over the past 18 months and offer some forward-looking perspectives on how lab design and the interface between people and the laboratory environment may need to change going forward.”

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