Brad LukanicJoin the discussion – “Leveraging Incubators and Innovation Centers to Drive Interdisciplinary Thinking on Campuses”

Bradley Lukanic, executive director of CannonDesign’s Education Practice, examines the topic of “Leveraging Incubators and Innovation Centers to Drive Interdisciplinary Thinking on Campuses,” Wednesday, February 10, 1 p.m. EST. This online session is in conjunction with the Education Advisory Board. Watch the video here.

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About the session

The educational learning landscape is evolving at a rapid pace – responding to the recession’s lingering effects, new learning and curriculum delivery perspectives, and the global interconnectivity and synergistic partnership between industry and education institutions. These factors are shaping new learning experiences and creating opportunities for campus incubators and innovation hubs that foster connectivity within and beyond the physical campus.

To establish the best educational path, institutions must leverage new collaborative strategies within their own campus and with other institutions, which is a partnership term noted as “accelerated academic innovation.”

Through case studies, benchmarking and original research, Brad will explore alternative approaches to creating campus innovation hubs and the models that colleges and universities construct today.

Interested in campus innovation trends? Check out Brad’s Fast Co. article “The Next Hot Trend on Campus: Creating Innovation.”

About the Education Advisory Board

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