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Construction Services

Construction Services

We harness lean processes, cutting-edge technologies and inventive construction methods to deliver customized solutions that accelerate speed to market with predictable outcomes in cost and time.

Across our firm, we employ a diverse range of construction professionals with a successful record delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget. This in-house expertise makes us valuable partners to both clients and builders, giving us an intimate understanding of sequence, logistics, material technology, installation requirements and more. It also allows us to work as “translators” between our design teams and build partners — safeguarding design intent and bringing more clarity and accuracy to the construction process.

An informed and knowledgeable design partner is a better partner.

We believe architecture, engineering and construction are inseparable, and that applying a thorough understanding of each is critical to the success of any project. By embracing ownership in understanding the constructability and associated risks resulting from the projects we design, we become stronger partners in delivering the outcomes our clients seek. Following is a look at our core construction-related service offerings.

Construction Management

With more than 45+ years of construction management experience, we partner with clients, design teams and builders to deliver projects that set new standards in quality, cost savings and timeliness. Our construction management team has overseen hundreds of projects throughout the U.S., tailoring our approach each time to achieve client goals.

Program Management

We develop custom programs to help clients manage complex projects for their capital programs, managing everything from planning, design and construction all the way through occupancy. Serving as an extension of our clients’ staff, we oversee the award of contracts, develop budgets and schedules, procure materials, maintain quality control, coordinate the project team and worksite, and support the overall success of the project.

In-house Design-Build

With joint interest in the architecture, engineering and construction entities, we approach projects holistically with our designers and construction experts working in partnership with builders throughout the life of a project. This delivery method meets client needs by breeding collaboration, shortening project delivery, obtaining best possible competitive pricing, and guaranteeing cost and schedule — enhancing certainty of outcome.

Modular Design and Construction

We offer prefabricated modular building solutions that can be fully customized to meet each unique client’s goals for design and functionality. By prefabricating key building components offsite, we help clients significantly reduce construction delivery time, installation costs and construction materials while accelerating revenue capture. We also help clients standardize their supply chains by creating custom packages of building components, materials, and fixtures that can easily be applied across their real estate portfolios.

Cost Estimating

Our Dynamic Cost Management ® (DCM) method goes beyond simply costing designs to ensure teams are developing designs that meet critical client goals. We completely integrate our cost estimators into project teams to ensure accurate alignment with the budget and the avoidance of costly and time-consuming redesigns. We also “‘market test” estimates by engaging sub-trades to develop cost certainty.

Pre-construction Services

Prior to the start of construction, we analyze and determine construction needs — helping clients better understand constructability, sequencing, risk and cost parameters by understanding market conditions. Our goal is to eliminate surprises and guarantee clients have the information and guidance needed for success from start to finish.

Public-private Partnerships

Over the last 10 years, we’ve worked on P3 projects with a collective construction value of more than $6 billion. Through these experiences, we have gained an intimate understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with this delivery model, and have developed the skillsets necessary to bring successful P3s to life — whether helping clients create early business plans, providing design and construction services or managing the overall delivery process.