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Environmental Graphics

Environmental Graphics

Our environmental graphics work happens at the intersection of experiential design and the built environment.

We fuse technology, art, imagery, architecture and storytelling to create environments that reinforce brand identity, contribute to positive user experiences and connect with audiences in profound ways. We design and transform spaces. We create connections that create meaning. We ask questions, take risks, imagine, refine and then make it real.

As a stand-alone service or as part of our firm’s integrated capabilities, our designers help clients harness environmental graphic design to distinguish themselves in their industries and create memorable experiences with their audiences.

Our services and their impact include:

  • Creative donor recognition systems show appreciation for benefactors through visual storytelling.
  • Our strategic approach to environmental graphics delivers work that strengthens and enriches the built environment.
  • Through exhibit design, we create emotionally-driven spaces that impact the people who experience them.
  • We leverage graphic design to help clients establish brand identity and best communicate their vision and values to the world.
  • Our graphics master planning solutions provide roadmaps for a cohesive campus with maximum brand integration and navigability.
  • Our hall of fame graphics bring the rich history of organizations to life and serve as an integral part of the recruiting experience.
  • Our powerful wayfinding and signage solutions are spatial problem solvers, helping people orient themselves and navigate through built environments with ease.