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Interior Design

Interior Design Services

Across every market we serve, our interior designers create thoughtful environments that act as the canvas for memorable human experiences. We combine creativity, passion, research and expertise in multiple areas to deliver spaces that empower occupants with increased performance, improved health, enhanced comfort and added flexibility. Most importantly, we strive to create environments that have a profound impact on people as they work, learn, live, heal and enjoy life.

Our group consists of leading-edge specialists with deep expertise designing buildings of all types — from inspiring spaces for children to highly controlled environments for infectious diseases, and every space in between. Regardless of project type, our interiors practice is fueled by the following drivers:

Creating meaningful experiences: We consider the comprehensive factors that influence how people experience space — operational, functional, social, psychological, technological — and craft experiences that resonate with them in profound ways.

Harnessing data and research: We employ an evidence-based approach to ensure every design decision is fueled by data as opposed to assumptions. We employ research on demographics, human behavior, competition, future growth and business model innovations to create interior solutions precisely calibrated to each client’s needs.

Supporting business outcomes: Our designers understand the business and operational challenges organizations face and ensure interior solutions are aligned with financial and lifecycle goals. We partner directly with staff and users to develop strategies that help them grapple with the challenges they face.

Unleashing the restorative power of design: We harness the healing effects of art, nature, color, materials, furniture, light and space to create environments that resonate with the mind, body and spirit of occupants. We also employ sustainable, active and wellness-focused design strategies to make buildings healthier for all.