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Lighting Design

Lighting Design Services

Lighting Design Services

Light has the power to directly and deeply impact experience. Light critically influences atmosphere, enjoyment, health and productivity – not to mention energy consumption. Experts within CannonDesign’s Lighting Studio understand the power of light, and thoughtfully consider lighting opportunities and their influence throughout the design process. Lighting is not a background element or afterthought in our work; light is a crucial design tool to make spaces shine.

Our award-winning Lighting Studio is uniquely positioned as a team of in-house lighting specialists, seamlessly engaging with the firm’s architects, engineers and interior designers to create integrated solutions. With over 100 years of collective experience and top industry credentials, our truly collaborative process leverages creative multidisciplinary thinking, sustainable approaches and a rich understanding of light to deliver inspired, innovative designs.

We offer a full suite of lighting capabilities tailored to suit each project’s particular needs: comprehensive interior and exterior lighting design and documentation, daylighting design, lighting energy analysis, light predictive renderings, comprehensive control strategies, and LEED certification documentation services.