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The Third Teacher

The Third Teacher

The Third Teacher+

We improve a school’s capacity. The Third Teacher+ (TTT+) is an educational design consultancy that examines the entire ecology of learning. TTT+ creates learning environments by challenging and blending traditional design thinking to plan our clients’ cultural, pedagogical and organizational change. The living practice evolved from a collaborative research experience that resulted in The Third Teacher book.

TTT+ believes design can be a powerful driver of organizational learning. Our processes are human-centered, connection seeking, experiential and iterative. Designing places and spaces manifests shared values and empower communities to learn, work, play, create and connect more richly. Our team leads discussions on the environment, demonstrating educational insights by advancing trends and exploring deeper capacities. We translate the most current thinking about teaching and learning in to every design solution.

In collaboration with Bruce Mau Design and V/S International, CannonDesign published The Third Teacher, a nationally and internationally recognized book on design’s impact on the physical educational environment, this book explores the premise that the environment in and of itself is a teacher.

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Stuart Brodsky, AIA, LEED AP