PNC Firstside Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

PNC Firstside Park comes to life as a complementary green space to PNC Firstside Center, homebase for approximately 1,500 PNC Financial Services employees, serving as an area of reprieve for workers and the greater Pittsburgh community alike. Our site + landscape architecture team harnessed users’ innate connection to the earth by planting over 100 trees, in addition to ferns, ornamental grasses and perennials — many native to the area and encompassing a wide range of fragrances and seasonal interests. The park uses a buff, gray and silver color scheme to complement the design of PNC Firstside Center, while its soft shapes provide a pleasant contrast to the primarily orthogonal office buildings nearby. To achieve its sustainability goals, the park reuses certain materials from the deconstructed Public Safety Building which formerly occupied the site. It also employs drip-irrigation for high water efficiency and incorporates materials from local suppliers wherever possible. Each design component was carefully chosen by our landscape architects to create a natural setting that inspires contemplation and rejuvenation at the center of an urban environment.