October 1, 2020

Vermont Agriculture & Environmental Laboratory Wins AIA New England Design Award

We are pleased to announce that the Vermont Agricultural & Environmental Center (VAEL) has won an AIA New England Chapter Design Award. This project is the celebration of the group of dedicated researchers whose mission is to ensure the health and wellbeing of Vermont residents. In 2011, their original laboratory was destroyed by Tropical Storm Irene. Now, they finally have a sustainable, permanent home to continue thier mission.

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The design team created a standout facility that sets a new standard of operational and material sustainability for the state of Vermont. After researches spent years in temporary, disparate labs, the new building supports a myriad of different functions for them, including chemistry testing labs, a weights and measures unit, an animal pathology lab that includes a necropsy suite, a forest biology unit that houses an extensive specimen collection, a biology area with a BSL 2+ lab and numerous testing labs. Researchers now have a space to grow, experiment and thrive — continuing their work to protect and improve the lives of Vermont residents.

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