Katherine Czarnecki Marketing ManagerKatherine Czarnecki is the marketing manager for our healthcare practice. Learn about her day-to-day responsibilities and why she decided to choose a career in marketing.

What led you to pursue a career in marketing?

Marketing provides many different opportunities to use creative and intuitive skills — in both collaborative group settings and individually — to develop marketing solutions that are compelling and meaningful. The main ingredients to these solutions are words, images, people and strategy, all of which I find fascinating whether they are employed in big-picture marketing strategies, various print and digital communication formats, or down to the details of what text, colors and graphics to use. I’m also a competitive person and was drawn to the strategy and the thrill of the hunt (so to speak) that marketing offers.

What is your role?

My role entails organizing various activities across our global health practice related to client engagement, marketing and business development. Activities include annual health marketing plan development and management, collateral development, service-line marketing content development, client engagement research and planning, opportunity assessment, pipeline development and monitoring, active pursuit management, high-value client proposal and interview development and production, client SOQ/proposal/interview QA/QC, project and service-line benchmarking, staff management and professional development, and other activities that support business development and top-line growth.

Describe an average work day.

CannonDesign’s diverse service offerings, subject matter expertise, depth of portfolio, global presence, and the inherently rapid pace of the industry ensures that there is no such thing as an average day. For example, one day may be focused on gathering project metrics and communicating with project staff to better understand a project’s scope and goals in order to craft its story for future proposals. Another day may be occupied with deadline-driven internal research and strategy meetings for a high-value pursuit or creating various marketing reports. Interspersed amongst these activities could be various requests for metrics, RFP review, ongoing collateral development, proposal QA/QC, client research, meetings with department staff, Knowledge Management, etc.

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