Event Date(s): October 25, 2020 - October 25, 2020

Alissa McFarland to present at AALAS Virtual Conference

Alissa McFarland, AIA, LEED AP, will present on her recent xenotransplantation suite renovation during the 71st AALAS National Meeting. This year, the meeting will be taking place virtually ,starting on October 25.

Society’s need to advance research from bench to bedside, coupled with an increasingly competitive life sciences industry, has generated demand for facilities designed to support clinical research and foster the optimization of breakthrough therapies. Translational research using animal models requires specialized spaces designed to meet multiple criteria at high dollars per square foot. Grant funding often falls short of the capital required for institutions to build new facilities, necessitating programs to grow within existing buildings that lack the infrastructure to support program needs. This situation poses significant design challenges requiring thoughtful programming, planning, and life-cycle cost analysis to implement effective and sustainable solutions that balance user requirements with facility constraints.

Alissa’s presentation, “From Outdated to Cutting-Edge: Transforming a 1970s-Era Facility into a Xenotransplantation Suite” will explore the transformation of existing laboratory space into a state-of-the-art animal surgery suite to expand its cardiac xenotransplantation center where researchers are breaking new ground in the exploration of xenotransplantation to mitigate the shortage of human organs for transplants. Alissa will share the methodology and tools used to guide the stakeholders in quick decision making and creative solutions that balance the complex design requirements and challenges presented by the 1978 building, not originally designed to house animals.

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