Our Craig Hamilton will present on place-making for innovation and entrepreneurship at the 8th annual Entrepreneurial Living-Learning Community (ELLC) Roundtable on June 18-19 in College Station, TX. Craig will cover the topic through the lens of the University of Utah’s Lassonde Studios, a breakthrough entrepreneurial education building that unites student residences with a 20,000 sf innovation hanger where students live, learn and launch companies.

The building has helped the university quintuple the number of student-led startups on campus, launch first-of-their-kind learning programs, and move into the top 10 of key rankings from U.S. News & World Report, Princeton Review and Bloomberg.

The purpose of the round table meetings is to unite education leaders, new ideas and best practices related to entrepreneurial living-learning communities from across the country to advance learning outcomes. Lassonde Studios stands as a shining example for ELLCs and has been recognized by the New York Times, Bloomberg, Fast Company, EdSurge and more.

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