Workplace Health and Wellness Strategies

There’s no denying workplace well-being should be a priority for every organization. In a new piece for Fast Company, Mark Hirons of CannonDesign’s Corporate/Commercial team highlights five ways organizations can begin to improve their workplace wellness strategies. These strategies include:

Promote Purposeful Movement

…The real answer lies in providing posture change and movement between settings to offset being staid in one position for more than approximately 20 minutes.

Learn from Higher Education: Destination Planning

…Companies can follow suit by organizing essential work functions, amenities, meeting areas or quiet spaces in separate areas across the workspace facilitating movement between the various destinations.

Understand the Well-Building Standards

It’s time for human health and comfort to be at the forefront of new building practices – learn about the Well Building Institute’s new standard and take action to help your employees.

Integrate Healthy Materials

The materials we integrate into our work setting also impact our health. There are tools like the Health Product Declaration Collaborative to help organizations make the right choices.

Focus on Mental Health

Wellbeing is about more than just breathing clean air and finding ways to move, organizations need to introduce collaborative spaces and culture zones in their workplaces to help improve mental health for employees.

Learn more about CannonDesign’s efforts to help organizations align their workspaces with employee needs and business goals today and read the full FastCo piece online.