The richest undergraduate college experiences are nurtured in communities where students can thrive in student-centered residential designs or configurations. Blending living, learning, and social spaces advance campus’ academic and residential missions and, in turn, increase the campus experience.

For Pratt Institute, Emerson Place – their newest residence hall – must leap beyond merely increasing capacity. CannonDesign’s approach explores the complex identities in the formation of today’s student and addresses the social, economic and physical needs found within a first-year residential community. The Institute’s students will engage in experiential learning and state-of-the-art-technology spaces, which are needed in a leading art and design school, while also finding scales of privacy and community within their live/learn residential hall.

“Emerson Place is more than a fixed object, it is a platform for learning, interacting and interfacing with the campus community,” states Carisima Koenig. “Our hope is that Emerson Place will support first-year students through their core experiences and their transition to Pratt Institute.”

Designed as an innovative collaboration among CannonDesign, hMa Architects and Pratt Institute, this project presents important opportunities for student’s social and intellectual development and promotes a culture of invention and collaboration critical to Pratt’s academic and societal mission.

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