October 31, 2019

CannonDesign Secures Three AIA St. Louis Design Awards

We are proud to share the AIA St. Louis has recognized our work and team members with three design awards as part of their annual effort to identify the leading design projects occurring in or led from their region.

University of Southern Indiana (USI) Screaming Eagles Arena, Merit Award for Architecture
The 90,000 sf arena is home to the USI’s women’s and men’s basketball, and women’s volleyball, teams and serves the community as a concert and lecture venue. The project exists on a tight site and serves as a campus icon, helping bolster student and student-athlete recruitment, and associated athletics and academic programs. The AIA St. Louis jury expressed that “this building rethinks the arena type, producing an intriguing and enigmatic sculptural form. The mass of the building is opened up and activated through strategic and geometric use of glass and fields of red. The building is both restrained and bold at the same time.”

Tautos Namai, Merit Award for Unbuilt Projects
Our design for a cultural center in Vilnius, Lithuania to house two performance halls, an exposition center, various public amenities, practice space and officing also earned recognition. The building is comprised of three forms. Each form houses, respectively, daily private use (practice, office, storage), featured public use (large philharmonic), and daily public use (small theater, expo and cafe).  The scale and orientation of each of the forms is a response to their urban context and pattern of use: The monumental gestures address the old and new city centers, while the smaller forms respond to the scale of neighboring mixed-use buildings. The intersection of the three forms not only create spaces for entry, but an architecture that balances iconography with everyday use; a monument to culture and the everyday fabric that gives it life.

The jury commented: “This concert hall and cultural center uses a playful deployment of the building’s massing to both engage the site and produce an intriguing interstitial space between the building skins. The building is an enigmatic sculpture that is both welcoming and substantial.”

Dormitory Drawing, Honor Award in the Drawing Category
Our team also received honors for a dormitory drawing. The jury shared that “through a sophisticated integration of layered flat elevations, and an array of one-point perspectives, this digital collage effectively conveys the building’s engagement with landscapes and the play between interior and exterior programs. The use of color is very effective, precisely because it intensifies the atmospheric effects while resisting photo realism. The drawing is able to use the detail of photographic and rendered parts, but transcends the conventional techniques of rendering, through editing and careful manipulations.”