Our Colleen McKenna contributes extensively to a new piece from Athletic Business focused on “How to Select the Right Architect for Your Project,” that focuses on how major construction projects often represent “once-in-a-career opportunities for those who will ultimately occupy the new building” and success is critical. The stakes are high and success or failure can resonate for decades.

The article details the importance of pre-planning, dialogue, experience, references and costs and Colleen shares her thoughts throughout the article. Here are key excerpts:

On the importance of preplanning
Even before the selection process is initiated and requests for quotations are made, the owner organization should take time outlining the entire process that lies ahead, including the project’s goals, scope, timelines, contractual expectations and desired outcomes, according to CannonDesign principal Colleen McKenna. “A well-developed RFQ will lay the groundwork for the selection process and help the design teams to better understand if they are the right fit for a project based upon the information provided by the owner,” McKenna says. “An incomplete RFQ will only cause confusion and may not yield the best partner.”

On the high value of experience
McKenna agrees. “The ideal scenario is one where the design team has a portfolio and experience that complements an owner’s goals,” she says. “This may result in multiple firms partnering to bring together the best combination of skillsets, experience and design for a project.”

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