KaiserPDezeen – one of the world’s most popular and influential architecture and design publications – has published a new story on the Kaiser Permanente Radiation Oncology Center entitled, “Cancer treatment centre in California designed by Yazdani Studio to feel like a spa.” The piece celebrates the facility’s beautiful and innovative design. While traditional radiation treatment centers are placed below ground to accommodate heavy equipment and to shield radiation, the Kaiser facility brings its oncology radiation services above ground and into the light. The facility’s three linear accelerator treatment rooms are located at the heart of the building, enclosed within three-foot-thick concrete walls. A glass wall stretches across the footwall of each room, opening onto a Zen garden and plush vertical garden. This design responds to the needs of cancer patients and offers them access to natural light, views of nature and soothing interior colors to create a calming and nature-oriented experience.

This Dezeen story builds on the Kraemer Radiation Center’s strong coverage to date. It was previously published in Contract, has received awards from Healthcare Design and ENR Southern California and was a finalist for the Architizer A+ Awards.

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