Abu DhabiThe March/April issue of Medical Construction & Design features an article from Carson Shearon titled, “Emerging Global Trends,” that unites several trends influencing healthcare design in the Middle East, Asia, and India. Specifically, Carson focuses on core drivers affecting our clients’ business:

  • Globalized consumers
  • High patient-to-doctor ratios
  • Skilled clinicians and staff shortage
  • Balanced medical specialties
  • Optimized operational cost and efficiency

The full article is available on pages 28-30 of MC&D’s online issue.
Here’s a brief excerpt:

On the emergence of centers of excellence

New large-scale mega healthcare projects, typically consisting of de novo multi-specialty institutions with 1,000 or more inpatient beds, remain widespread in the Middle East, Asia and India. These institutions are aimed at addressing access to care in these regions and are frequently coupled with clinical staffing and operational strategies.

Concurrent with the development of mega projects is growing international commitment to creating specialized centers of excellence to consolidate resources, attract new patients and elevate clinical outcomes. There is also an increased demand for standalone specialty centers of excellence to capture market share of unmet clinical needs in these regions.

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