Healthcare construction + operations (HC+O) profiles Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s (NCH) resilient design and its ability to “weather storms” in a new online article. As the piece describes, “situated 30 miles at sea in a facility nearly 60 years old, NCH has been serving its island community for over 100 years, with the facility being the only healthcare option for its 11,000 permanent residents as well as 60,000 seasonal residents. The island’s new 120,000 sf, 14-bed hospital is a right-sized facility that seeks to transform the patient experience and increase access to providers.

For most of the dialogue on the building’s resilient design, HC+O speaks with our sustainability leader Mike Cavanaugh. Here is a brief excerpt:

“It’s not just about preparing for hurricanes, it’s designing hospitals to be resilient to storms, climate change, new technology, power loss and more… Nantucket Island and its residents face unique challenges. Given its location in the Atlantic Ocean, NCH must regularly deal with inclement weather. The new hospital is designed to withstand potentially catastrophic conditions and provide all necessary services while “off-the-grid” when weather cuts off access to the mainland.”

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