“There is a more productive, fulfilling way to work.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.45.24 PMThat’s the driving messages of the Chicago Tribune in its newest editorial, A Visit to the Office of the Future,  Would you like an expresso with that?”. The piece then outlines how design is helping evolve the workplace to make it better for employees, teams and organizations. Prior to writing the piece, members of the Chicago Tribune editorial team toured CannonDesign’s Chicago office to learn about leading-edge workplace solutions and ideas. As the piece notes, “(Our firm) uses our Chicago office as a testing site for new workplace strategies before it rolls them out to clients.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.45.39 PMWhile CannonDesign’s team helped highlight several of the key ideas presented in the piece, Mark Hirons is quoted in the piece: “Work culture is definitely changing. Today’s employees value teamwork and don’t want to work for a remote, unapproachable boss. They want leaders to be more visible. They want to know that resources and knowledge are accessible to them.”

Below are several excerpts from the Chicago Tribune piece, the full piece can be read online here.

  • Since no one has to be tethered to a desktop computer anymore, there’s no need to banish the workforce to cubicle rows. And, if the company is freeing people, why not divide the office space differently, while cutting down on the overall footprint at the same time?
  • New spaces create various environments to encourage creative thinking, team meetings and accidental cross-pollination between members of different departments.
  • Maybe you’ve noticed how the boss, tucked away in a glass-walled office, is always the last to notice what’s going on. The new designs free her from isolation. She gets a bigger work station in an open area, but like every else, she can commandeer a nearby private space or conference room for sensitive conversations and phone calls.
  • In the modern office, personal work spaces are more like open desks with plenty of power outlets so you don’t have to crawl around on the floor to plug in devices. Desk heights are adjustable. There’s good lighting in the video conferencing area.

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