Susan R. Silverman Joins CannonDesign as Clinical Healthcare PlannerSusan Silverman, MSN, MBA, has co-authored a research article recently published in Health Environments Research & Design Journal (HERD) entitled “Identification of Tools and Techniques to Enhance Interdisciplinary Collaboration During Design and Construction Projects.” Susan, vice president and clinical planner within CannonDesign’s Health Advisory Services group, teamed up with other clinical experts to produce the study which addresses the notion of interprofessional collaboration between clinicians and designers for the design of healthcare environments.

“The purpose of the study was to collect the perceptions of design professionals and clinicians regarding design process success strategies and elements of interprofessional engagement and communication during healthcare design and construction projects. Additional objectives were to gather best practices to maximize clinician engagement and provide tools and techniques to improve interdisciplinary collaboration for future projects.

The study validates the need to include clinician input in the design process, to consider the importance of organizational dynamics on design team functioning, and to incorporate effective communication strategies during design and construction projects.”