May 19, 2021

Amp Introductions: Immunization Throughput Analysis Simulator

At any given moment, there are numerous active ideas being developed in our company’s innovation incubator, Amp. We’ve received over 20 new idea submissions in 2021, including an exciting new simulation process we are ready to share: An Immunization Throughput Analysis Simulator.

The process takes inputs and quickly informs health systems, civic leaders, public health officials, etc. on the optimal immunization workflows and processes for any indoor or outdoor site. 

In the graphics embedded within this post, we used the data obtained at a drive-thru COVID testing site to build and demonstrate how our Immunization Throughput Simulator could be used to evaluate the current state, test multiple scenarios, and ultimately deliver a solution that empowers a site to treat 128 more people in the same amount of time and with less space. 

While a significant portion of the United States has been at least partially vaccinated and our approaches evolved to rather sophisticated strategies, there are numerous ways this simulation model could be used, including:

  • Immunization: There are 150 million+ unvaccinated people in the United States. As health systems and communities continue to vaccinate people, this model can ensure they are optimizing their staff, space, and resources in every instance.
  • Booster Shots: There is already discussion from several entities that those already vaccinated may require booster shots in the coming year(s). Again, this model can ensure future efforts to distribute shots are optimized for staff, space and resources, and maximum impact.
  • Global Health: While the United States is leading the vaccination charge, several other nations have yet to vaccinate the majority of their population. The Immunization Throughput Simulator could help these countries develop the most effective and efficient processes for administering vaccines. This could be even more beneficial in areas of the world that lack infrastructure and leading-edge healthcare.
  • Future Public Health Initiatives: There is never a bad time for a process to be optimal and efficient. This tool would also help health systems streamline efforts around flu or allergy shots, blood drives or responses to future public health emergencies.
  • Other Health Operations: This simulator is reflective of our team’s ability to model processes and scenarios. The same modeling approach could be calibrated to help health systems think through and test concepts for their emergency department operations, patient access, staff mobility and more. There is really no system or process that can be modeled in a similar fashion to determine new efficiencies.

We are excited to offer a first look at the Immunization Throughput Analysis Simulator. This is now what our Amp team calls a Phase II submission, and the team is fine-tuning its original concept while developing new applications. Possible new findings could focus on:

  • Conceptualizing the future of vaccine delivery
  • Identifying best practices in vaccine delivery for both national and international processes
  • Establishing special considerations for vaccine delivery in schools and college campuses

We’ll be sharing looks at other Amp initiatives in development in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!