May 22, 2020

STL Cover Story: How Workplaces and Workplace Culture Can Change for the Better

Our Ken Crabiel and Michelle Rotherham are the focus of a new St. Louis Business Journal cover story focused on how the workplace and workplace culture can grow stronger in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak

In the piece, Michelle shares, “Culture can improve. We can improve how employees interact.” She and Ken also share that they’re working on plans to help CannonDesign’s St. Louis team safely return to the office. The plans “amplify everything we’ve been thinking about.

The duo also shares that “they’ve observed productivity has remained the same, if not grown (during the recent stretch of remote work). So they’re planning to create a blended team of coworkers when the St. Louis office reopens: one group will work from home while others will come into the office.

“One of the things we’ve learned during the process (is that) we weren’t, as a firm, emphasizing our wellness resources or that it’s OK to use them. We’re encouraging them to use them,” Crabiel said.

The St. Louis Business Journal piece is the cover story of this week’s print edition and available online. It stems from a recent piece Ken and Michelle wrote: When We Go Back to the Office, Keep Working Like We’re Home (Let us Explain).

In the piece, Ken and Michelle offer that companies should amplify the best outcomes from our recent work from home stretch. These include amplifying empathy, allowing more work from home, increasing access to wellness resources and community stewardship.

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