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The design of healthcare architecture is a demanding and dedicated practice in which you must see the essential needs of patients, families and practitioners. My devotion to advance healthcare physical environments stems from experiencing my own children’s hospital experiences.

Throughout his career, Gary has led the design and delivery of award-winning and precedent-setting hospitals, cancer treatment centers and intensive care units, as well as ambulatory care and children’s facilities. He is a firm believer in evidence-based design (EBD), and ensures all projects employ EBD principles to measurably improve patient wellbeing and safety, as well as enhance staff efficiency. A hallmark of Gary’s approach to projects is an unwavering commitment to collaboration; regardless of project type, he brings all stakeholders together early on to establish a shared vision for a project. This collaborative approach results in holistic solutions that improve the quality of care, strengthen staff loyalty, enhance business outcomes and prepares institutions for the future.