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Robin V. Cibrano, AIA

Executive Director, Office Strategies


What inspires me is the ability to bring together a group of passionate, dedicated and talented CannonDesigners to address a design challenge for our clients. The resultant collaboration has the ability to not only represent an aesthetic solution, but one that ultimately improves the value of their business, the process by which they execute their work, the environment for which their customers and employees interact, and the surrounding environs among which it coexists. To be a part of this transformation for our clients provides a sense of satisfaction that few professions can achieve.

Robin Cibrano is our executive director of office strategies where he oversees strategic office growth, as well as our community and civic practices. His passion lies in connecting our global network of offices in ways that optimize collaboration, foster an innovative culture and lead to new client opportunities. He is also a valued client partner with more than three decades of experience — the vast majority of which has been spent leading design efforts for healthcare, education and corporate/commercial organizations. Robin’s cross-market experience gives him a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities our diverse clients face, and the knowledge needed to lead teams in ensuring client goals and aspirations are always achieved.